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Audit: Johnstown in better financial shape The City of Johnstown finished in the black for the fifth consecutive year during 2020. All three of its pension plans are now funded at more than 90%. Those two factors led Joel Valentine, Wessel & Company’s chief executive officer, to say, “It’s the best financial condition the city’s been in since I’ve been involved with them,” after he delivered the preliminary annual audit to City Council during a regular monthly meeting on Wednesday. Valentine said the overall improvement is “good for the long-term investment in the community.” “It makes it more inviting for businesses to be in town, knowing that the city has their act in financial order,” Valentine said. The city sold its sewage collection system to the Greater Johnstown Water Authority more info last year, bringing in $24 million in funds, while also eliminating more than $60 million in debt connected to the project to renovate the lines. Much of that money has been put toward the pensions. The police plan went from 65.41% funded in 2019 to 99.74% at the end of last year. The fire plan increased from 50.01% to 96.7%. Non-uniform employees’ plan improved from 62.04% to 99.12%. Having the pension plans fully funded now frees up money for other uses, such as capital improvements. “What we did with the sewer sale – we put $19 million into the pension fund, up from the sewer proceeds, sale proceeds,” Johnstown Finance Director Robert Ritter said. “So what that did is – our required minimum payment before we did that was $3,800,000, and that lowered it to, like, a million two (hundred thousand). The state helps fund that by like $800,000. The million two went down to, like, $450,000 that the city has to come up with. Before, we were coming up with, like, $3 million.” Johnstown also finished with a single-year $1,833,761 surplus as it prepares to exit Pennsylvania’s Act 47 program for distressed municipalities by April 2023. “Truthfully, it’s been an amazing turnaround the last four to five years,” Mayor Frank Janakovic said. “The term I was on council and first term as mayor, we were showing a deficit every year, sinking into a deeper hole all the time.” Janakovic added: “Really, the finances have turned around.


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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and border wall contractors began filling trenches and other remediation work on July 15 at two construction sites at the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma County as part of the Biden administration Goldwater Range in Yuma County.  Barnard received two contracts valued at $419.7 million to replace 33 miles of physical barriers. Crews already had finished installing the bollard-fence panels by Jan. 20 and Barnard had received $325 million to date, according to the corps. In a written statement, the Army Corps of Engineers emphasized that the work would not expand the construction of additional barriers. They would instead focus on activities such as filling open trenches, cleaning up debris, grading unfinished maintenance roads and cutting and capping conduit. "These limited activities are specific life and health safety measures consistent with the Administration’s plans to terminate the redirection of Defense Department funds for a border wall," the Army Corps of Engineers statement read. Jay Field, a corps spokesperson, said the two sites in Yuma are the first along the U.S.-Mexico border where remediation work has started. But he added that work at additional sites along the southern U.S. border is in the planning states and will begin in the coming weeks.  "I don’t have a good timeline or estimate on how long it will take. It’s a lot of miles along many, many stretches of border," Field said. "And the contractors are subject to the availability of their crews. Obviously, we want to get it done as quickly and safely as possible. So we’re working with them to develop timelines." The efforts are limited to Pentagon-funded projects, not those funded by Congress through the appropriation process. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which oversees contracts appropriated by Congress, has not responded to a request for comment. The announcement from DHS and the Pentagon terminating the border wall contracts triggered a process regulated by federal contracting laws. The construction companies that received the border wall contracts will do the remediation work as part of the termination process and will receive compensation.  Of the 22 military-funded projects, the Army Corps of Engineers said eight had ongoing work to install border fence panels as of January, when Biden paused construction. The installation of bollard fencing had been completed on the remaining projects, but the contracts to finish construction on other components such as lighting and gates originally stretched into the summer of this year for most of them. Politicians still critical of wall's future Republicans have continued to support building barriers at the border even after Trump left office, but Biden's White House criticized the expansion of border wall construction as wasteful. Other Democrats have also remained vocal critics, including U.S.